The Dutch
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The Dutch
Security Cluster

Defense Innovation Competition: €200,000 Available for Cyber Innovations

The armed forces depend on a complex combination of systems in their operations. Cyber plays an increasingly important role in this. How can the armed forces in this domain operate even better? That is the theme of the Defense Innovation Competition 2017. The winners will receive € 200,000.


The Ministry of Defence continuously seeks to improve their cyberspace capabilities. That is necessary to get a head on opponents. Innovative or alternative technologies are absolutely necessary. The Ministry of Defence therefore challenges small and medium-sized enterprises and startups to come up with innovative ideas to "get stronger together in the cyber domain".


A jury will review the entries and will select a number of finalists. The winner will receive a € 200,000 to development their solution. You can register at the competition at Tenderned. The registration closes on August 22.


More information about DIC 2017 (in Dutch).  

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