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The Dutch
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The Netherlands will Host the Global CyberLympics 2017 During Cyber Security Week

On 27 September, the city of The Hague will host this year’s finals of the EC-Council Global CyberLympics. The conclusion to this global ethical hacking competition will be part of the international Cyber Security Week, also in The Hague.


Global CyberLympics is a cyber security competition, dedicated to finding the world’s best computer network defense teams. The teams consist of 4 to 6 players, and after a 12-hour elimination round all participating teams are awarded points for solved challenges. The top two teams from each continent are invited to mount the challenge live and in person at the world finals in The Hague.


Eric Lopez, Vice President of EC-Council: “We are proud to announce that we have chosen The Hague as location for the Global CyberLympics 2017 final competition during the Cyber Security Week. With our online ethical hacking and computer network defense competition, we aim to raise awareness and increase education and ethics in information security. With the impact CSW and the more than 40 events will have this year, The Hague was a logical choice.” Along with the world finals of the global online hacking competition, EC-Council will also host a half day, closed door event for executives in cyber security with a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, and plenty of networking.


The finals will be organised by EC-Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants) and co-hosted with The Hague Security Delta and the Municipality of The Hague. These partners, together with Deloitte, helped EC-Council in getting the CyberLympics finals to the Netherlands. Want to join this competition? Registration closes 31 July 2017.


Deloitte and the CyberLympics

Ivo Noppen, ambassador of the Deloitte Hack.ERS-team: “We are five-time winner of the CyberLympics and therefore we are proud to announce that we will participate again with a team of ethical hackers.” 


As part of the 40 CSW events, Deloitte will organise two own CyberLympics-events, one for students and one for companies to participate in. These two special editions are Capture the Flag (CTF) games in which the teams compete against each other. The challenges for the teams are related to hacking in the broadest sense of the word and may require a variety of skills, such as knowledge about encryption and decryption, web application hacking and remote exploiting.


HackLab Kids

Deloitte will celebrate the grand opening of the Cyber Security Week on Monday September 25th with a HackLab Kids. The primary school children will learn how to be a hacker and find out what innovations the world has to offer, today and in the future. In addition we show them the risks of digitalisation and aim to enthuse them to choose a technical study and hopefully inspire them to become technical professionals themselves. The children will be taught by a team of Deloitte’s own ethical hackers, former champions of the Global CyberLympics. 


The Cyber Security Week is an initiative of The Hague Security Delta in collaboration with InnovationQuarter, the municipality of The Hague, The Conference The Hague and Deloitte. Registration for the events during CSW is open, visit:



HSD Partners involved

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