InnovationQuarter Presents 10 Reasons Why West Holland is the Hotspot for Safety and Security

InnovationQuarter works closely together with The Hague Security Delta within the Security Acquisition Platform. Together they aim to create an attractive business climate for foreign businesses in West Holland, Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Area. IQ  recently published their factsheet on the 10 reasons why West Holland is the hotspot for safety and security. In this fact sheet the benefits of the HSD ecosystem take a prominent role. If you are looking to expand your security business, we invite you to take notice of the top 10 reasons to invest and innovate in the West Holland region. Joris den Bruinen, Deputy Director of HSD, was also recently interviewed by Locus/FD (page 20-21) about the importance of a well-organised cluster for economic growth for the region and for presenting The Hague as City of Peace, Justice and Security. 

HSD Partners involved

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