Cyber Intelligence Center Opened by Deloitte in The Hague

On June 30 Deloitte, partner of HSD, opened the Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) in The Hague. The center consists of a highly secured office environment from which Deloitte Cyber Security specialists perform their confidential work on Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Monitoring, Hacking-as-a-Service, Incident Response and Red Teaming. Senior Board Advisor Dick Berlijn opened the center together with Deloitte’s cyber visionary Roel van Rijsewijk, COO Mario van Vliet and Elisabeth Minnemann, International Program Director at the City of The Hague. Deloitte live streamed the event.  


Derk Wieringa, director of Deloitte Risk services: "With its status of City of Peace & Justice and with the largest Security Cluster in Europe next door, The Hague is the perfect location. Moreover, many of our clients are located in The Hague area. Also in terms of recruitment, The Hague offers us many opportunities to attract talent from TU Delft, The Hague University and the University of Leiden.” In line with the shared ambition, securing our world and encouraging economic development, of the HSD and its partners, Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Center offers a platform to keep businesses secure, vigilant and resilient.


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