The Dutch
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The Dutch
Security Cluster

New Report Uncovers Inner Workings of the Cybercriminal Economy

HSD Partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise published the report "The Business of Hacking", that looks at the adversary value chain as driving force in cybercrime and provides actionable insights to improve enterprise defenses.


The research delivers an in-depth analysis of the motivations behind the attacks adversaries choose to pursue, and the 'value chain' illegal organisations have established to expand their reach and maximise profits. Based on this insight, the report also provides actionable recommendations for enterprises to mitigate risk through disruption of these adversary groups.


"Organisations that think of cybersecurity as purely another checkbox to mark, often do not leverage the value in high fidelity cybersecurity intelligence," said Andrzej Kawalec, Head of HPE Security Research and Chief Technology Officer, HPE Security Services. "This report gives us a unique perspective on how our adversaries operate and how we can disrupt them at each step of their criminal value chain."


Read the official press release and the pdfreport.

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