The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Cooperation Leads to Successful Acquisition of International Security Businesses and Events in 2015

The overall ambition of HSD to grow the Dutch security sector is high and organic growth by itself is not sufficient. Therefore, HSD cooperates with regional and national partners to attract international security businesses and events to the Netherlands. The HSD Security Acquisition Platform (SAP) was founded to further strengthen HSD's position in the world. Several organisations cooperate within this platform to support foreign organisations to establish their security business in the Netherlands, creating a secure gateway to Europe. This is meaningful because, stated by the CBS, foreign businesses have a relatively large contribution to the Dutch economy; 15 percent of employment, 34 percent of turnover, and 30 percent of R&D investments can be accounted to those businesses. 

The Security Acquisition Platform includes
* The Hague Security Delta (HSD)
* InnovationQuarter (IQ)
* Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) 
* The Hague Marketing
* Municipality of The Hague     
* Chamber of Commerce

Some examples of foreign security businesses that have recently located to, or have expanded the existing establishment in, The Hague and The Hague region are:
Applied Duality @ Delft/ ICT
HackerOne @ HSD Campus, The Hague / Safety & Security
Micro Focus @ The Hague
SkillCube @ The Hague/ Safety & Security 

Also conferences contribute to knowledge transfer, innovation and economic benefits.
Therefore, in cooperation with the SAP Parnters and specifically The Hague Convention Center, Municipality of The Hague, WorldForum and NBTC Holland, HSD made a significant contribution to the acquisition of the following multi-day, international business congresses in 2015:  
1. Borderpol 2015 
2. CIPRE 2015 and 2016
3. Conference of States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention: Remotely Piloted Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence and Unmanned Systems 2015  (by OPCW) 
4. Europol/Interpol Cybercrime Conference 2015
5. Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015
6. Hardware.IO 2015 and 2016 
7. Mobile 360 (Cloud) Security Event 2016
8. Space Expo 2016 / European Space Solutions 2016
9. SRE (Security Research Event by EU) 2016
10. TUS EXPO 2015 en 2016
11. Weis Conference 2015 (by TU Delft)

HSD Partners involved