The Dutch
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The Dutch
Security Cluster

Public Consultation on Public-Private Partnership on Cyber Security

The European Commission (EC) is consulting stakeholders on cyber security and public-private partnerships. The EC is also calling for contributions on potential additional policy measures that could stimulate the European cyber security industry.

In May 2015, the European Commission adopted the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy, which among others provides for establishing a public-private partnership on cyber security in the area of technologies and solutions for online network security in the course of 2016.

The consultation is open until 11 March 2016. The EC will use the feedback from the consultation to establish the public-private partnership in the course of 2016.

Businesses and organisations concerned with cyber security products and services, now have the opportunity to make clear their interests and to influence the EC’s policy on cyber security. Are you interested in contributing? Respond now!

Source: European Commission

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