The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Cyber Security Mission to Japan

Prime Minister Mark Rutte took part in a trade mission to Japan from 9 – 13 November, accompanied by more than 120 Dutch companies and knowledge institutions, including HSD partners RedSocks, InnovationQuarter, Compumatica, Thales, Group2000, ENCS and the Municipality of The Hague. Cyber security was one of the main focus areas.

More than 400 private-public and knowledge institutions related to cyber security, are already located in The Hague. The presence of Mark Rutte in Japan was of high importance to strengthen this position.  

The mission provided a great platform to present HSD. There was a high interest in HSD’s triple helix approach; cooperation between public- and private organisations and knowledge institutions.

The partnering for cyber resilience is a global, multi-industry, multi-stakeholder necessity to improve cyber resilience, raise business standards and to contribute to a safer and stronger connected society.

HSD Partners involved

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