The Dutch
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The Dutch
Security Cluster

HSD Partner Thales Inaugurates a New Security Operating Centre (SOC) in the Netherlands

During the Thales Cybersecurity Summit at the HSD Campus on 5 October, Thales Cybersecurity inaugurated its Dutch Security Operating Center (SOC). The SOC, located in the Thales Netherlands branch of Huizen, enables Thales to detect and deal with security incidents around the clock, 24/7, and 365 days a year wherever they may arise.

Security Operations Centres are an important part of the cybersecurity defence lines of organisations and aim at the timely detection of security incidents. Detection at an
early stage ensures that the consequential damage (reputation, business continuity) is minimised or even entirely prevented. Thales operates SOCs in the Netherlands, France and the UK. This global expertise provides the opportunity to share knowledge and satisfy global security needs.

A select group of Dutch CIOs and security specialists was present at the official inauguration. They discussed various cyber security related matters in an open setting with Gerben Edelijn (Thales Nederland CEO), René van Buuren (Cybersecurity Director at Thales Nederland), Rob de Wijk (HSD Director) and John Hermans (Risk Consulting / Cyber Security KPMG Partner). The event was moderated by parliamentary journalist Ferry Mingelen.

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