UK-Netherlands Security Dialogue

The UK-Netherlands Security Dialogue assembles a high level representation from UK and the Netherlands from both supply and demand (public and private sectors). They will look for mutual opportunities for trade and investment from the Olympic legacy, knowledge sharing and learning, other best practices and future developments.


A senior executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority of the London Games will be keynote speaker on the challenges of the London 2012 bid and organisation in terms of urban security, critical infrastructures and crowd control.


The legacy of the London 2012 Olympics creates a unique momentum that combines the goals of the NL-UK Strategic Business Dialogue (SBD) with the ambition of The Hague Security Delta (HSD). The UK-Netherlands Security Dialogue offers the best of Dutch and British security and safety knowledge. The event will focus on matchmaking, networking and mutual insight in the future development and the relevance of security and safety.

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