The Dutch
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The Dutch
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Twente University Warns Adolescents for Online Dangers

As part of the Alert Online Campaign, Twente University has organised several workshops for high school students in the Twente region. Twente is one of the three security regions united in The Hague Security Delta. With the help of a virtual fortune-teller, a master class in hacking, and a quiz, these adolescents are made aware of the ‘dangers’ of the internet.


IT-researchers Roeland Kegel and Jos Wetzels developed a workshop called ‘Virtual Fortune-Teller’, which shows the participants how much of their personal information is freely available online and how this information can be used by others. The workshop ends with tips on how to minimize ones digital fingerprint. In another workshop, hosted by two psychologists, participants are confronted with the differences between their perceptions and the actual risks of online behaviour.

Twente University’s IT-department also developed an overview of the do’s and don’ts for cyber security, which can be viewed here (in Dutch).    


During the Alert Online Campaign HSD partners Deloitte and the Cyber Security Academy also organised a Hacklab Highschool at the HSD Campus.
rsz hacklab 2


For more information about Alert Online click here (in Dutch).

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