Minister Launches Defence Cyber Commando

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Minister of Defence, recently launched the Defence Cyber Commando. In addition to the Ministry of Defence’s cyber capacity for defensive tasks and investigations, the commando will be fully integrated into military operations, including the development of offensive cyber capacities.


Following the minister: “this is a new unit, a new course of action, and a new doctrine to anchor military action in the cyber domain in addition to land, water, air, and space”. On top of this, she argued that the founding of this Cyber Commando is highly important because the digital society can provide a lot of information to Defence, but also makes this organisation vulnerable. Indeed, “military operations must be supported with offensive cyber capacity. We can only win if we anticipate on the changes around us. The founding of the Defence Cyber Commando is an important step in this.”


For more information (in Dutch) click here.

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