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The Dutch
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HSD Partner Lobeco Wins 'Silver Stork Entrepreneurs Price'

On Wednesday 4 June the 'Silver Stork Entrepreneurs Price' of the municipality of The Hague was awarded to Lobeco. Deputy Mayor Henk Kool handed the price for good entrepreneurship to this HSD partner at the sixth edition of the ‘Ondernemersplein’ event in The Hague. During this event HSD itself participated in a seminar on cyber security and organised a seminar on business opportunities in security.


Lobeco is one of the consortium partners of the Sam Outdoor project, which is partly financed by the HSD Development Fund. The project aims to develop an autonomous robot for monitoring purposes at the ports of Rotterdam. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide better security on a smaller budget. Robots, together with a monitoring station, will guarantee a maximum range and coverage and because the robots only need human assistance in case of suspicious circumstances, fewer human guards will be needed.


For more information about the Sam Outdoor project


For more information about the 'Ondernemersprijs Zilveren Ooievaar' (Note: Dutch)

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