Follow up 'Inspiration Event': Help the First Responder


Fire fighters, ambulance personnel, and public transporters are increasingly confronted with agression from bystanders. To find creative solutions for this increasing problem, HSD MKB-Connect - together with several partners – organised the event ‘Help the First Responder’ on the 10th of April. The objective was to find creative innovative solutions, which subsequently in consortia can be developed into concrete products or services.

The event took place at the HSD Campus and was a success. Around 40 participants discussed the possibilities to find creative solutions for this issue in several round table sessions. Click here for the report in Dutch. In the very near future a follow up event will be organised by SME Connect.

The event 'help the first responder' is an initiative of HSD (SME Connect), TNO, NIDV, High Tech NL, Holland High Tech MKB-loket, Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden and Netwerk voor Veiligheid en Innovatie.

HSD Partners involved

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