The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Cyber Central and HSD Join Forces

Cyber Central (CC) and The Hague Security Delta (HSD) join forces when it comes to create more cyber awareness in the Netherlands. Both foundations see on base of their DNA chances to collaborate and strenghten eachother in substance when it comes to enlarge digital safety awareness in the Netherlands. Together they will start a few activities and try to enlarge the collaboration. Cyber Central (an active hackers community in Rotterdam) and HSD offer during the Cyber Security Week 2018 an interactive Boardroomgame, a workshop developed by CC. In this workshop participants will experience how organisations can be digital attacked and what to do to weapon themselves against these attacks. Herewith HSD substantiates as a national cluster the focus on awareness. More information: 


Similarities for collaboration

Although the big differences of both organisations, there are many similarities, HSD is more active in the field of knowledge transfer and innovation programming and Cyber Central is orientated more practical. Cyber Central focus is on giving workshops and sessions to organisations and institutes when it comes to making them security-aware. CC is less focused on developing new knowledge and sharing it. Therefore, CC associates gladly with the activities of HSD. In reverse CC will provide workshops and sessions for HSD partners and clients of partners in the HSD ecosystem.


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HSD Partners involved

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