The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

New HSD Premium Partner: Hiscox

The Hague Security Delta welcomes Hiscox as a new Premium Partner. Hiscox is an international specialist insurance company with branches in 13 countries. When insuring companies, security is one of the most important aspects Hiscox looks at. They are specialist in insuring risks against cybercrime and privacy breaches. They also do risk assessments and based on security level of the company rate a company with certain premium.



Hiscox is an innovative insurer on cyber, which invests a lot on risk awareness. “We give the best coverages with an incident response plan to make sure the clients have a peace of mind when an incident take place”, says Yasin Chalabi, Manager Professional Insurance and Cyber & Data Risks at Hiscox Netherlands. The added value for Hiscox Netherlands to be part of the security cluster is the possibility to build a network and to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in security.


Human firewall

According to Chalabi, the answer to a secure company is a ‘human firewall’: pro-active thinking, good processes and better trained employees, instead of more technology. He would advise companies to increase awareness among their employees, to train them in cyber security and to make sure systems are up-to-date. 


Picture: Yasin Chalabi, Manager Professional Insurance and Cyber & Data Risks at Hiscox NL

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