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The Dutch
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Expected soon: Second round of multi-million funding for scientific research in cyber security

In September 2013, the board of NWO-EW (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and the executives of the ministries of Security & Justice, Economic Affairs, Defence, and Home Affairs will be coming to a decision upon the second round of funding to be allocated for research in the cyber security domain. In addition, Technologiestichting STW (Technology Foundation STW) and NWO Maatschappij en Gedragswetenschappen (NWO Social Sciences) have confirmed their intention to take part in this initiative.


Similar to the first round of funding, the second round is aimed at supporting short-term and long-term research. Next to this, it is expected that some part of the financial instruments will be reserved for multidisciplinary large-scale projects. Furthermore, NWO is in talks with other investors to create a new instrument currently referred to as "Scientist on the Job", whereby scientific research problems that arise at the workplace will be prioritised in order to find rapid solutions.


The first round saw an investment of €6.4 million allocated to short- and long-term projects. NWO and the US Department of Homeland Security are counting on some research projects to be launched in 2013 as a result of their partnership.


For more information please visit this website (Note: article is in Dutch)


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