Opportunities for HSD Partners to Participate in Global EPIC Projects

Cyber Security

 In 2017, the inaugural meeting of the Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems Partnership in Innovation and Cybersecurity (Global EPIC) took place. 14 Global ecosystems, including The Hague Security Delta, decided to start working together on co-creating and adopting world-changing solutions to high-impact cyber security challenges, both current and emergent. They do this by building a global community that will collaborate on projects and share expertise through an expanding network of diverse organisations.


We would like HSD partners to become actively involved, because there are some interesting opportunities. Therefore we want to share the current project proposals within Global EPIC open to HSD Partners:

  • 1. GCR Cybersecurity Operations Center
  • 2. J-Tool: Open Source web AI platform for content analytics
  • 3. Know Your Customer Once

HSD partners that would like to get more information about these opportunities can contact Bert Feskens and Nadja Buurmans.



1. GCR


1. GCR Cybersecurity Operations Center

This GCR open source project is focused on delivering an easy to deploy open source cybersecurity monitoring solution for small to medium enterprises. The project goal is a push-button install of the platform software necessary to support a professional-level Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) solution suitable for use by managed service providers focused on small businesses, or medium sized enterprise IT departments. The project assets will include: software, documentation, and training materials. The software will configure, integrate and enhance existing open source software cybersecurity projects, including: Apache Metron, Dionaea, Cowrie, OSSEC and others.


Integration of cybersecurity sensors is a priority for the project to reduce labour and complexity associated with deploying open source security operations center solutions. The project includes a remotely managed honeypot device (GCR Canary) that is suitable for use as a sensor for passive intrusion detection in SME environments.


The project will include CSOC Operational Playbook templates suitable for use by manager service providers or IT department staff responsible for operating the CSOC. Online training materials will be provided for SME employees to help address employee security awareness.



Commercial CSOC software is expensive (in terms of operations, professional services and fees) to license, install, configure and sustain.  This project is focused on removing the barriers to adoption and use of a CSOC by IT managed service providers focused on offering affordable security services to small and medium businesses; as well as the IT department of medium businesses who wish to deploy a corporate CSOC. We believe that a critical mass of open source components are available as of 2017 to allow such a project to be successfully undertaken.


We are looking for co-creation partners for the following:

  • CSOC testing and testing automation
  • CSOC platform and infrastructure security audits
  • CSOC security analysts to support operations
  • Amazon deployment automation scripts
  • Canary-based Dionaea honeypot software enhancements
  • CSOC operations run book/playbook documentation
  • Public facing marketing websites and content to help drive adoption