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The Dutch
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HSD Partner Anomali Receives Fund of 40 million US dollars

With this fund, led by Lumia Capital, along with Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Telstra Ventures and Sozo Ventures, Anomali will continue to invest in developing innovative threat management and collaboration solutions and expand their global reach. The new round of funding brings the total funding to date for Anomali up to $96 million. 


Anomali is not the first company to receive funding from investment parties. Last year, 5 other HSD partners have received funding: EclecticIQ, Tymlez,  StorroZivver and Cybersprint.


Did you know that...

- To help security start-ups and organisations in their search for funding, HSD Office organised two Access to Capital Events in 2017 together with several partners? 

- HSD Partners Tymlez, Cybersprint, Zivver and EclecticIQ joined this event? 

- In 2018 an Access to Capital event will be organised as well?

- For more information, you can contact Innovation Liaison Bram Spitzer via 


Read the official press release of Anomali.

HSD Partners involved

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