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The Dutch
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Business opportunities

The Chamber of Commerce is partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). This network manages Europe's largest online database of business opportunities. It contains thousands of business, technology and research cooperation requests and offers from companies and research and development institutions. The database is accessible for free. You can subscribe to receive alerts on new requests and offers.


When you’ve found a suitable partner, an expert will advise and support you throughout the partnership process. Their job is to make sure that you meet your goals and that your business becomes more competitive, as a result of your collaboration with the Network.


Highlighted Business Opportunities 

  • A UK Company A UK company has developed an authentication method that is easy for users to memorise whilst generating one-time codes and being extremely secure. It is also hardware-free and easy to roll out for authentication solutions developers and users in sectors such as banking, insurance, e-commerce. Businesses are sought for license agreements.

  • A Lithuanian Company that specializes in robotics presents computer vision solutions for professional applications. This company has developed computer vision module, that provides high definition images, accurate measure of the environment depth and can extract objects of interest in real time. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance with companies specified in robotics and robotic technologies where they can implement their computer vision module.


SME Connect

The Chamber of Commerce and the Enterprise Europe Network  (EEN) are Alliance partners of The Hague Security Delta and also participates within SME Connect of the Hague Security Delta. SME Connect is the helpdesk of The Hague Security Delta for SMEs and entrepreneurs from the security sector looking to grow their businesses or seeking opportunities for innovation. Together we will focus on networking and matchmaking. 


The Enterprise Europe Network can help your business find the right international partners to grow and expand abroad. The Network has the reach and expertise to find the right partner(s) for you to, for example:


  • manufacture or distribute your products;
  • access new markets;
  • find the technology you need to drive innovation in your business;
  • cooperate in research and development projects.

EEN KvK logobalkContact Person

Herman Hartgers
T: +31 88 585 40 05
M: +31 646 748 105


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