The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

International Zone

The Hague

The establishment of international organisations confirms the position of The Hague as the international city of Peace and Justice and contributes to the economy and employment opportunities of the region. However, the clustering of international organisations in The Hague International Zone also poses a complex security issue.


With area-based security approach, where innovation gets a free pass, The Hague Municipality, partners of HSD and international organisations search for a better balance between security, business climate, livability and appearance.


The objective of this collaboration is to ensure a high level of security with minimal impact on the livability and appearance of the area.


Work method

  • Integral, holistic approach: not a technical focus, but physical measures only;
  • From object-oriented to area-oriented;
  • Proportionality: don’t secure more than necessary;
  • Scalability: breathe along with the threat level, preparation.


Phase 1 (until mid 2017): exchange of safety information through an experimental platform. Participants: The Hague Municipality, The Hague Police , TNO, Thales, Siemens, Europol, Eurojust, ICTY/MICT, OPCW.


Phase 2 (from mid 2017): aimed at strengthening cooperation between all parties involved (local, national and international) and conducting experiments in the Field Lab International Zone.



Innovation areas

cooperation, technology, processes, organisation, information exchange, area planning, education, training, preparation, and the interaction/assessment between them.



Ad Coppens
Programma manager Internationale Zone
The Hague Security Delta
Tel: 070-2045182
Mob: 06-27188444


Participants (with reservation)

Municipality The Hague, The Hague Police, Safety Region The Hague, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Government Real Estate Agency, Europol, Eurojust, ICTY/MICT, OPCW, Peace Palace, Catshuis, TNO, Thales, Siemens, Crowd Sense.



HSD Partners involved