The Dutch
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The Dutch
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Stratumseind in Eindhoven is a street filled with restaurants and bars, at this location excists a living lab. One of the most outstanding elements of this living lab is the application of light. In this living lab several partners experiment with various colours and light-intensity to influence the visitors of this 250 meter long street.


Special about this living lab is that a multidisciplinary team (Triple Helix) structurally engages different stakeholders for this location like entrepreneurs, property owners, the Municipality and the police to co-create to improve the functioning of Stratumseind.


The living lab uses a system that incorporates open source software. This is necessary for other parties to experiment.


Partners involved:

Philips, Municipality of Eindhoven, Fontys en Universiteit Tilburg.


Guus Sluyter
gemeente Eindhoven
+31 6 10 09 26 22


Tinus Kanters
gemeente Eindhoven


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