Partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing innovations and knowledge in the field of forensics. Technical innovation is crucial in this field. Great legal and public interests are served with forensic analysis and fault tolerance is low. Many technologies, such as DNA research but also digital forensics, have their origins in another sector. Other technologies may also be suitable for forensic research, provided the development can be made profitable.

First High Level Meeting on Information Security

21 December 2017
On Wednesday 20 December the first High Level Meeting on Information Security took place. This special meeting took place at the historical Council Chamber of the Museum de Gevangenpoort, with a view on the Hofvijver. Chief Information Officers (CIOs...
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IoT Forensic Lab: exploring the connected world @HSD

The research group Digital Forensics & E-Discovery of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden has opened an Internet of Things forensic laboratory at the Hague Security Delta campus (IoT Forensic Lab @HSD). Such a lab is indispensable because of th...
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