Cyber Security

Partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing innovations and knowledge in the field of cyber security. Security concerns in regards to cyber are not limited to hacking and spying, but also extend to use by criminal and terrorist organisations. Another cause for concern is the fact that control over data distribution and storage can also have security implications.

New Research Agenda: The Human Factor in Cyber Crime and Cyb...

19 May 2017
A cyber criminal a new type of perpetrator or an ‘classic’ one working in a different field? What are the earning models and can potential victims protect themselves more? Cyber crime is not only a matter of technology as it still humans work. In the...
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National Cyber Testbed (NCT) Programme

In our society with more people worldwide and more older people in Western Europe, the demand for food, energy, water, healthcare and security increases whereas the resources decline. New use of ICT, big data and the internet of things allow us to mo...
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