Cyber Security

Partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing innovations and knowledge in the field of cyber security. Security concerns in regards to cyber are not limited to hacking and spying, but also extend to use by criminal and terrorist organisations. Another cause for concern is the fact that control over data distribution and storage can also have security implications.

Business Opportunities in Germany for Dutch ICT and Cyber Se...

17 November 2017
A new research “ Export opportunities of the Dutch ICT sector to Germany ” from KPMG shows that thanks to our innovative and competitive ICT-sector, Dutch businesses can respond to developments in Germany. This enables chances for collaboration, incr...
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IoT Forensic Lab: exploring the connected world @HSD

The research group Digital Forensics & E-Discovery of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden has opened an Internet of Things forensic laboratory at the Hague Security Delta campus (IoT Forensic Lab @HSD). Such a lab is indispensable because of th...
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