Cyber Security

Partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing innovations and knowledge in the field of cyber security. Security concerns in regards to cyber are not limited to hacking and spying, but also extend to use by criminal and terrorist organisations. Another cause for concern is the fact that control over data distribution and storage can also have security implications.

CISCO, New Premium Partner of HSD, Helps Accelerate Digitisa...

19 January 2017
On 19 January, CISCO announced the launch of a targeted investment programme called Digital Acceleration Netherlands (DAN). CISCO’s Executive Chairman John Chambers discussed this plan with Prime Minister Mark Rutte during the World Economic Forum in...
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Innovation Experience Room

The world is rapidly changing. More and more data is available through sensors, bodycams, smartphones, drones and satellites. And the use of the internet and social media results in even more information being shared. Creating many opportunities to m...
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