Critical Infrastructure

Transportation, energy, telecommunication, water supply, food availability, health, banking and the chemical industry are referred to as 'critical infrastructures'. They are essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy. Partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing knowledge and innovations that protect society against disturbances of these critical infrastructures.

Blog: Proactivity and Testing, are Key to Optimise Security

16 November 2017
By Richard Franken, executive director HSD To which extent do organisations work with an integral approach when it comes to (cyber) security? Is there an overall security policy as proactive solution to secure your digital and physical infrastructure...
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Satellite Applications for Security & Justice Innovation Pro...

The Ministry of Security and Justice is exploring the introduction of new technology through the innovation programme ‘Satellite applications for Security and Justice’. The possibility to address its challenges with satellite technology. The goal is...
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