UNIIQ Proof-of-Concept Fund

The proof-of-concept fund assists entrepreneurs in Zuid-Holland to bring innovations faster to market and focuses on academic spin-offs, startups and existing SMEs with disruptive innovations. The fund amounts to € 22 million, and is available for entrepreneurs who want to bring promising new technologies to market. This is a difficult and risky phase. Technology can indeed be promising, but does not necessarily deliver business opportunities. UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs to create a business out of their innovation.


UNIIQ combines the expertise and networks of three top universities and a regional development agency, where, on the one hand, the universities (Erasmus MC, TU Delft and Leiden University) introduce the necessary technological knowledge, and on the other hand, InnovationQuarter brings market knowledge, as well as an extensive network of private investors. This combination makes the ambition behind UNIIQ credible: Innovations come faster to market.


Rinke Zonneveld, Director of InnovationQuarter:"We see many business owners who come to us at an early stage to take advantage of the InnovationQuarter Participation Fund. They are not yet ready for the market. UNIIQ is specifically designed for these entrepreneurs. The fund helps them to bring their innovations to market faster, and strengthens their business case for continued funding.


More information: UNIIQ




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