InnovationQuarter Participation Fund

InnovationQuarter is the regional development agency for West Holland. Besides facilitating (international) collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and government, they assist international companies in establishing their businesses in West Holland and finance innovative and fast-growing companies in this region.


Successful innovation requires money. That is why InnovationQuarter invests in Safety & Security companies amongst others that have the potential to lift the regional economy to a higher level, bringing with them innovation, stronger clusters, more employment opportunities, and innovations with a social impact.


InnovationQuarter has a € 60 million investment fund for this purpose. Thanks to their shareholders, the fund will continue to grow in the coming period. Also InnovationQuarter establish a new Proof-of-Concept fund for innovative SMEs in need of early stage funding, which will be launched in second half of 2016. Click here for the InnovationQuarter Finance Guide (in Dutch).