The Dutch
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The Dutch
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VulnIQ B.V.

VulnIQ BV develops a vulnerability intelligence solution, VulnIQ. VulnIQ automatically collects and processes data from various sources and makes all information available via unified APIs. By providing an API first solution VulnIQ allows customers to integrate security data into their processes and improve automation.


VulnIQ allows customers to utilize freely available information from various sources such as CVE feeds, vendor advisories, twitter, mailing lists, rss feeds, OVAL definitions, STIX data sources, CWE, CAPEC, web pages and more. VulnIQ users can easily access all relevant information without hassle.


One of the primary goals of VulnIQ is to develop an affordable solution that will work for customers of all sizes, from small businesses or individuals to large enterprises. VulnIQ provides simple, unlimited use, private instance plans which will provide the maximum value to customers for a minimal budget. Please see for more information on plans and pricing.

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