The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster


One of the reasons why EY became Premium partner of HSD is to connect to the wider cyber community in The Netherlands, as well as contribute to developments that will enhance the Dutch cybersecurity posture. EY experiences a growing demand for cyber services in both our regular advisory practice, in assurance, as well as in our services to financial services providers. EY provides a wide range of services, such as cyber risk management, cyber threat management & incident response, cyber threat intelligence and forensic research. In all these areas EY offers both professional and managed services, to assist our customers with complex security matters.


EY shares the opinion that it is important not to work on our own in this domain, but to attract other parties active in the area of cyber security, to share information, to build knowledge and to work together to create a safer Netherlands. EY sees added value in working within the HSD community.


Cyber Leader at EY in The Netherlands: “We would like to join relevant innovating development projects that clearly have something to do with the security domain in The Netherlands. For example, the issue of cyber security in the context of the Internet Of Things and Smart Cities. As EY we are keen to to connect with the cyber community in the Netherlands. We see HSD as an important platform of private and public parties involved in security.”

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