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The Dutch
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Dutch Cyber Security Delegation to RSA

It’s a wrap: The Dutch Innovation mission to California and the Cyber Security RSA conference 2019 in the United States of America was intense but successful. 11 organisations active in the field of cybersecurity, R&D managers, CTO’s, CEO’s, business development managers from organisations and knowledge institutions but also representors from the government participated in this mission, which was held from 4 to 8 March 2019.


The last years USA fully has its focus on cybersecurity: three-quarter of the worldwide (R&D) investments are done in the USA. A third of all American cybersecurity companies are in California. And the RSA-expo and conference in San Francisco is one of the biggest IT security conferences in the world, with more than 50.000 participants where all of the important players in the field of IT security come to this conference.


The Mission

The purpose of the mission was to build a constructive collaboration pact with parties within the USA. Also exploring the market, positioning and broaden the current Dutch knowledge around Cybersecurity was one of the goals.


The mission was organised by RVO and led by delegation leader Joris den Bruinen (Director HSD). Also, a significant step is made in developing an international Cyber strategy for collaboration between The Netherlands and the USA. And the opportunities to realise a Holland Pavilion during RSA 2020 was talked about! The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( innovation mission together with the governmental mission from the ministries of Justice & Security, Economic Affairs and Domestic Affairs participated in this meeting.


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Meeting up with ……..

The mission not only consisted in the participation of the RSA Conference. Also, several fieldtrips to companies and network activities with de creme de la creme in the industry, the government and top universities, expert sessions on special topics and a panel, workshops and network receptions were organized. During the conference also, a meeting took place with experts of Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence, thanks to Rene Pluis of Cisco Netherlands. There were also interesting meetings by the Dutch delegation with Splunk and Damiano Bolzoni of Forescout. Sharing experiences with RSA, access2USAmarket, capital and the acquiry of Security Matters.


The delegation also paid visits to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the East West Institute on smart cyber resilient, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the country pavilions like the United Kingdom and Germany. During the meeting with DHS, they mentioned their call 'Silicon Valley Innovation Programme', which is open for international parties. 


The mission was also an opportunity for our director Joris den Bruinen to meet the Global EPIC Soft landing representors! A meeting was held during #RSA2019.


Parties that participated in the mission were: Cisco Systems International B.V., Thales, EclecticIQ, Secura, Sightlabs, ING, The Municipality of The Hague, InnovationQuarter, TNO, Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO, innovation attaché), NFIA, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL) and The Hague Security Delta.


Video by partner Sightlabs

Also watch the video from Dimitri Hehannusa (CEO, Sightlabs Security), talking about his experiences during the mission!



HSD Partners involved

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