International Collaborations

The Hague Security Delta has taken the initiative to stimulate cooperation with other regions that are strong in safety and security, around the world. Therefore, HSD is part of Global EPIC, and collaborates with EU clusters. 


Global EPIC is designed to combat growing world challenges by facilitating global collaboration while enabling positive local cybersecurity and economic benefits. This initiative will see 14 global ecosystems co-creating and adopting world-changing solutions to high-impact cybersecurity challenges, both current and emergent. The ecosystems involved come from 10 different countries spanning 3 continents, reflecting the truly global nature of the partnership.


In Europe, HSD collaborates with clusters in the regions France, Denmark, Finland, and Germany. Collaboration between these security clusters provides added value for a more secure Europe. Their collaboration creates various scale benefits. For example better utilisation of facilities and more opportunities for specialisation.